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April 21, 2009



The thrust of that looks false to me, an attempt to whitewash the USA while impugning other countries. This is the sort of thing I have in mind:-

Mick H

An interesting link, thanks - though I didn't read the original article as a whitewash of the US. Yes, Canada and Australia were singled out for mention, but I think it's clear that all the participants in the Evian conference were guilty of the same lack of concern.


"..the the answer was, "One is too many."

I believe the phrase was: "None is too many", which is also the title of the book written by Irving Abella in which he tells the story of this
shameful episode in Canadian history.

This is from wiki:

"..it was Frederick Charles Blair, the head of immigration in the Mackenzie King administration for actively limiting Jewish immigration from the top. They also claim Blair had the full support of Mackenzie King, prime minister during the war, Canada's high commissioner to Britain Vincent Massey and both Anglophone and Francophone elites in general.

...In early 1945, an unidentified immigration agent was asked how many Jews would be allowed in Canada after the war. He replied "None is too many".



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