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April 12, 2009



What we can't explain we make up stories about. Science has advanced far enough that the unknown has become an archipelago rather than a continent, so people drift away from fairy stories that are continental in scope - religions - and settle for island-sized yarns, like psychiatry.

Why the Americans cling to religion and yet have also been the main enthusiasts for silly cults like Freudiansism and Macroeconomics is something for which I don't yet have an explanation. Perhaps the Americans who cling to the first are different Americans from those who cultivate the other two.


Do you know something about Hubbard that I don't, or am I reading too much into "mutated into a cult". Freud and Jung mutated, Hubbard was always a cult and nothing more.

Mick H

Yes, you're right. I was originally trying to think of some modern equivalent to Freud and Jung, but then L Ron came to mind. Not exact equivalents. But he incorporated bits of the psychology of the time - lie-detector tests and suchlike - into Scientology.


A better comparison could be Transactional Analysis, devised by Eric Berne in the 1960s and a magnet for the 1960s counter-culture and its adherents such as Jacqui Schiff and Bert Hellinger.

Mick H

Yes indeed. Or perhaps, more recently, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Milton Erickson, but to be honest I don't really know enough about it.

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