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March 30, 2009



Great! Thanks for the Google link; the sat. version resolution is amazing.
The imagery over our place is well over two years old and pretty poor quality. I'm envious.
I also retract my much earlier comment re London being bleak...

Fabian from Israel

Thank you Mick for having posted all your placemarks in Google Earth! I followed your route. Did you know that you can see also street view on Google Earth? I compared your pictures to those from G.E. and I can validate that you have been where you said you were.

Certificate of Autenthicity
Mick Hartley
of London

Mick H

Thanks for the certificate, Fabian.

Haven't tried street view on Google yet.


"Hackney Wick, once home to more artists per square mile than any other part of Europe, is already gone in spirit, if not in actuality."

My God, what a loss, it as if Titian's Venice had been consumed by a great conflagration but no one cared?

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