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February 12, 2009



These people never explain why it's just religious commitments that should be immune from criticism. Why are they different from political, social, cultural, sporting etc. commitments?


Because they are completely based on irrational unprovable premises? Since they cannot be explained, they must be accepted, or else...



"...al-Azhar is a university practicing institutional apartheid. The institution is banned for Jews and Copts, not only the department of theology, but also medicine, economics and agriculture. And speaking about offending religious sensibilities: al-Azhar has shown no willingness to abandon the part of the sharia providing Muslims with the obligation to insult non-Muslims’ religious feelings, while at the same time insisting that non-Muslims offending Muslims’ religious sensibilities should be punished."



There's an excellent article, surprisingly, in the Independent. It's almost like hearing normal people speak:


Incidentally, when I first looked at it this morning, there was a large picture of a Robertson's golliwog at the top of the page. It's gone now.

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