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February 27, 2009



What peeves me is that the world music lot seem fixated on west african music eg
lucy Duran seems to live in Bamako. Orchestra Maquis one of Tanzania's best bands have no CDs available. Fortunatly I was able to buy their LP Kamubandika for 50p (pence) from Westminster Library's LP sale some years ago.

Mick H

Yep, Mali and Senegal do seem to get most of the attention. Not hard to see why, but Central and East Africa deserve more of a hearing I think...

Charlie Sugnet

I agree that the old Zairean video of Tabu Ley and Mbilia Bel singing Shauri Yako is "not their finest moment," but that's because of the poor technical quality and the stiffness of the studio setup, not because of them. I saw them perform it live at around the same time, and they were amazing. And the vinyl recording I have of the song is also very good.

Eda Guambe

I have been loking for this song for while, i love this song....


The best Shauri Yako is the original by Nguashi Ntimbo and Festivall du Zaire


Just found out what Shauri yako means, I play it every day since I bought it on iTunes!!! What a strong revelation of good vibes!! Love this song and I remember listening to it when I was 10- now am 41!! And I still live it!!!

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