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February 11, 2009



How do you find time to do all this in mid-week?

Mick H

Well, you know, it's all a question of time management.


You work nights? ;)

You're absolutely right about the 'over the top' display; sort of like a Gay Pride parade...
(That red ribbon is an abomination.)


Some guy in my part of South Jersey -- he owns the Elephant and Castle restaurants -- has been buying up those red phone booths in your first picture. He says the London government sells them every now and then. He puts them in front of the restaurants. There's no phone, just a nice piece of red that makes the restaurant stand out. In Jersey they're kind of like McDonald's Golden Arches.


Holy Hanna! One just showed up in my front yard!!



The first photo could be a 60s Doctor Who.


As an orchid grower myself, I tend to agree with you. Massed displays of fluoro pink, gaudy hybrids like those are a bit nauseating. They're definitely more special in smaller numbers. To me the photos of the wintery outside are more lovely, but that's easy for me to say, sitting with the doors open and a cool breeze cooling the place down after a 35 degree day in Western Australia. lol.

On the phone boxes, there's a garden shop that imports them and sells them here. I guess they'll all disappear one day with every man and his dog owning a moile.


I wasted my morning wondering why every man and dog would wear those goofy high shoes called moiles, and then I realized you meant mobile. Well, better than working.

Mick H

Yes I briefly wondered what a moile was.

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