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January 26, 2009



Each time I log on to your site, I hope that there will be photographs to look at. Today I was not disappointed. Please continue to include them. For reasons that are difficult to explain, there always seems to me to be an air of great dignity about them.



sorry, but I do not see what is so 'grim' about The Highway.

Mick H

Don't you think it's a grim road? Nothing out of the ordinary, I suppose, but I've always been glad to get off it. Maybe I'm biased as it's not at all cycle-friendly - just two-lane dual carriageway of heavy traffic thundering past.


Ditto to Richard's comment; but it doesn't change my previous perception of the moodiness factor.
I really appreciate your including place names as it makes using Google Maps, and satellite imagery, possible.

Mick H

I should really work out how to do that Google map business, shouldn't I? -and maybe stick little pointers in.

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