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October 19, 2008



But a couple of aliens in the middle of that image would have spoiled the composition.


Aliens are able to manipulate photograph film and CCD sensors in digital cameras. Think yourself lucky not to have been taken to the mothership. Nice capture.

P. Froward

Cheese and pickle sandwich? That explains why they examined you. You're pregnant.

P. Froward

P.S. Congratulations!


When an Englishman mentions a cheese and pickle sandwich, what kind of cheese does he mean? This is the sort of detail that intrigues me enormously. Please, Mick, share your secret for that wonderfully tasting sandwich.

Mick H

The cheese will, of course, be cheddar: the more mature the better. With Branston Pickle.

If you don't know Branston Pickle, here's Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Branston_Pickle.

Luckily I wasn't aware of the Pickle Crisis of 2004, referred to in the Wikpedia article. I might have panicked.


We know someone who takes her own jar of Branston Pickle to every dinner party she's invited to. And she doesn't eat cheese!


I saw them too, on that very day!

They appeared to me in Clissold Park and approached me, saying, ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US.

They then had to hurry off as their spaceship got a ticket. On a Sunday!


Laced weed?

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