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September 29, 2008



But you're relying on an Israeli translation. Probably what he really said was: 'Some of my best friends are Jews', 'I really admire the Jews', etc., etc. Just ask George Galloway.


I agree with Bob-B. I mean, "jihad" as translated by Joooos is "holy war" but every Muslim and George Galloway knows it's an internal struggle to be closer to God and to be more like Muhammed, who, coincidentally, killed a lot of Jooooos.


I'm guessing this'd be a good time to wish 'L'Shana Tova', Happy New Year, to our Jewish and non-Jewish friends. :)


"to our Jewish and non-Jewish friends"

That's like wishing happy birthday to the birthday girl and all her friends whose birthday it is not ...


When you wish it to a Jewish friend alone, you automatically wished it to 300 billion non-Jewish friends (and foes).
Either way, Happy New Year:P

Eve Ventura

I think our good friend was expressing himself proportionately. Except that 15 million into 4.5 billion is 300, not 30 million. But when you have Allah on your side, so what if you cannot count?


Oy gevalt! What have I done?


Noqa; no, it's like wishing Happy New Year to the Birthday girl and all her friends whose birthday it is not ...:)

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