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September 19, 2008



He suggests that some crows are smarter than others. How dare he?


There's a good joke about this in on the sequels to Planet of the Apes. Somehow a future ape has made it back to our time. Scientists capture it and put it into a cage and start subjecting it to intelligence tests. The final test involves putting wooden boxes into a pile so the ape can reach a bunch of bananas hanging from the ceiling. The ape dutifully piles up all the boxes, climbs up then sits down, without touching a single banana. Blokes with clipboards start scratching their heads and conferring amongst themselves. "Why doesn't it take the banana?" "Because I can't stand bananas" replies the ape.


"... 20 individuals from the great ape species ..." Aren't they called "subjects" anymore?


Can the 'Reality Show' be far behind? "Mr. Corvus is in the lead with $15, 500..."


You missed the bit where they wrote "but we need more research to confirm our findings and draw conclusions/help us pay our mortgages while we look for real work".

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