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September 28, 2008


Alvin Lucier

I've spent some time in the room at the Tate Modern looking at the Seagram murals and I am always left with an overwhelming sensation of... commerce. Nice interior design for a restaurant. Not that there's anything wrong with commerce.

Mike Tyldesley

You don't have to be a Christian - which I am not - to see what Mr Pickstone is getting at. The atrocities he mentions were not carried out by "God", but by Humans. I guess that he would want to put humanity on trial in the camps rather than "God". Rothko's not half as good as Barnett Newman in my book.

Don Cox

"Rothko's not half as good as Barnett Newman in my book."

I would rate them both as outstanding painters. That doesn't mean everyone is going to appreciate their work, and it is easy to write slushy verbiage about non-figurative painting.

It is also about time for the painting of that period to be unfashionable, like Victorian painting in the 1930s.


Yes, Don, I was perhaps a tad harsh about Rothko. However, for a number of personal, and doubtless to others boring, reasons "Dionysus" by Newman holds a very special place in my heart.

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