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August 06, 2008



I just finished the WSJ article when I saw your post. It's really the same old dilemma. If Random House does not publish because they "saw it coming", then isn't that premptive censorship -- exactly what the extemists want. All the murders, fires, and riots were meant to make sure others would "see it coming" and act accordingly.

On the other hand, I'm getting tired of it all. An American blogger stole a Catholic eucharist and drive a nail through it, then poured coffee grounds on pages torn from a Koran. "Okay" I thought, "the points been made. Let's move on."


Judging by the consummation scene, this novel, or whatever, is an apologia for Islam's less salutary aspects and Muslims should be delighted to have it published. After all, Aisha's age (nine) at the time of the related event is commonly used by critics of the religion of peace to suggest that its founder was a pedophile. He was fifty four when the alleged consummation took place. According to this narrative, Aisha, a child of nine, was a fully mature woman in body and mind and could speak of "the bliss I had longed for all my life." A pretty sick fantasy of the author's own mind.

Ophelia Benson

"An American blogger stole a Catholic eucharist and drive a nail through it"

But not just at random or out of the blue or for the hell of it - he did it in response to threats against and intimidation of a student who received a 'eucharist' at a university service (not in a church) and left with it instead of eating it.


Well, I have no sympathy for the student. He received exactly the response he wanted, right down to the threats and intimidation.

I'd say of the student what I said of the blogger: It's been done before.


I actually had Dr. Spellberg for a class at UT. I thought she was a great professor, and an extremely intelligent woman. We didn't agree on everything, but she was extremely fair and open to different perspectives. The fact that she trashed this book probably indicates that it was just that - trashy. When you submit your book to someone and ask for criticism, you should expect criticism - especially when you ask a history professor, an expert in the field. I read historical romance ebooks (like these: https://www.booksonboard.com/index.php?F=RITA) all the time, but I would never, ever ask one of my history professors for a review of them. Random House pulling this book has, I believe, less to do with Professor Spellberg's critique and more to do with fear of a backlash. As a business, they are well within their rights to do so. And the fact that this book has generated so much buzz before even becoming available is great for Sherry Jones - someone will snap this book up immediately, and everyone will want a copy. It's a win-win.


"The fact that she trashed this book ..."

She stirred up trouble at Muslem websites, and then warned Random House that trouble was brewing ... trouble that she started. That's not criticism.

"It's a win-win". Who does the second "win" refer to?

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