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August 30, 2008



"I learned that Muslim attitudes toward women's appearance and sexuality are not rooted in repression" says Naomi Wolf.

Syrian actor Bassam Al-Kossa answers:

"Bassam Al-Kossa: ...From the age of three or four, the killings of girls begin: "Cover your knees." "Don't speak in a loud voice." "Bring your brother his food." "Get up, put this there." "Take this down." All the while, the "emperor" just sits there... "This is disgraceful," and "that is prohibited"... Then comes her wedding day, and the mother demands that this oppressed and shackled girl be the epitome of womanhood, seduction, and temptation. You constantly make her fear men and society, yet on her wedding night, at the drop of a hat, she is supposed to transform into a seductive beauty queen, to understand the husband, cooperate with him, and so on. These are double standards. Like my colleague said, this is like a man who beats his son for lying, but when someone calls, he says to his son: "Tell him I'm not home."



One sentence in her article brings her whole argument down:

"... not rooted in repression, but in a strong sense ... of what is due to one's husband"

Isn't that called male chauvinistic repression in Western cultures?


"Isn't that called male chauvinistic repression in Western cultures?"

And what about this: "The bridal videos that I was shown, with the sensuous dancing that the bride learns as part of what makes her a wonderful wife, and which she proudly displays for her bridegroom ..."


Sentences I don't need to finish: "Ideological battles are often waged with women's bodies as their emblems, and Western Islamophobia ..."

sackcloth and ashes

Typical double standards from a so-called feminist in the West. 'My rights are for me, and for my white sisters, and no one else.

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