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August 20, 2008



From the usual argy bargy at blogs, I'd assumed that blogging caused aggression...


A friend of mine built a Magnetic Resonance Imaging lab; she had first to change its name, mind. Local residents had objected strenuously when it was titled Nuclear Magnetic Resonance lab.

William McIlhagga

The only problem with the article is that the scientific critics it cites, in the early days of fMRI, generated an equally dull pile of shite. They put people in fMRI machines, did banal experiments with them, and published the results in Nature, Science, or whatever. It was a neverending stream of "we did X, but with an fMRI machine." Half of what they are saying sounds like sour grapes that anyone can nowadays do the same. The other half is true, but equally applicable to their own research. Mriganka Sur for example (cited in the article) is not above doing flashy but possibly suspect experiments.


This is so standard in academic medicine. I mean, taking a new technique or technology, and studying everything under the sun with said new technique/technology. Hey, you have to publish, okay!


Apparently, numbers of papers really count, or something......

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