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July 05, 2008


Fabian from Israel

Amazing, they look just like where I used to work in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In Ciudad Universitaria, where the Faculties of Exact Sciences, Biology and Arquitecture are located. The second picture, mostly.
Brutalist... yes, totally.

Nicole Segre

'Would you want to live here?' If it was renovated, cleaned, gardens landscaped, washing lines removed, plants placed on balconies (although I can't quite make out if there are any), why not? It would probably look a lot better than the 'high-end' tower they propose to replace it with.

Mick H

As I said, the grounds are already well looked after - landscaped, even. The place isn't run-down. I don't believe it would ever be much more liveable than it is now, unless it was renovated into something completely different. I do actually like the look of it: some "brutalist" stuff is fine - the Barbican, for instance. But that 80% figure wanting out is pretty damning. People just don't like living there.

Whether the replacement will be better, well, we'll have to wait and see. High-rise apartmnet blocks - especially for the wealthy - are a lot better designed, I think, than they used to be.


"Culture Minister Margaret Hodge": the Stalinists threw 'em up and the Stalinists tear 'em down. Blessed be the Stalin.

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