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July 19, 2008



"to hold up a mirror and believe you're seeing through a window"

What an extraordinarily apt description of how far too many literati see the world. I have become more and more suspicious of writers of fiction - they come to think the world they write about is the real world, leading the likes of Harold Pinter and Arundhati Roy to the most absurd political judgements.

As for political philosophy of all flavours, it is a bit like talking about temperature without realising that it is not a real property at all, but a metaphor for the mean motion of particles. There are times when political philosophy may be useful, but you have to realise that it is an imperfect description of an average behaviour od something far more complex than particles, viz. people. And Marx will always be trumped by Darwin.


Exactly (about Freud).

[Small bugaboo... it should be "As we now know, its..." (not "it's")]

Mick H

Indeed. Thanks for that. Now corrected.


When Derrida was nominated for an honorary degree from Cambridge, for his contributions to Philosophy, there were protests from the Philosophy Faculty that no-one had consulted them. He had been nominated by (IIRC) Eng Lit.


Ah, yes, of course, the great Cambridge Philosophy Department. Now if you really want to waste your time, a good dose of British analytic philosophy is just the way to go.

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