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June 21, 2008



"At that summit, two imams from Denmark presented the Danish cartoons (including some they had added themselves)..."

Finally. A mention of the "Danish" cartoons that didn't forget to mention that the truly offensive ones were drawn by the imams.

William McIlhagga

This is called a Phyrric victory. The Egyptians and likeminded folk win, but at the cost of making the arena of their victory - the HRC - irrelevant.

William McIlhagga

It might be called a Pyrrhic vitory, if you can spell.


Look what I picked up from a comment left at David Thompson's blog:


Mick H

I like this recommendation:

To publish one saying of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) every day for 1 year, promoting civility, as selected by the Muslim Action Committee.

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