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June 08, 2008



Or, there again, that they understand the point of the book, and the great effect that it had for the better in its day. Perhaps they think that 1960s offence-taking is wearisome twaddle.


The book is better than most people think. A recent annotated edition proved that. But no, I don't believe the Germans meant it that way.


And I just read this in the Guardian: "If Obama's campaign is about to reveal just how racist his country still is, it is already clear that misogyny is a more acceptable prejudice ..."

So Obamam's campaign and Clinton's campaign (both of them already senators) actually reveals ... racism and sexism!

Al Smith

This is common in the media around the world. In Canada they called our Black governor General, "La Reine Negre" because they were angry with her stance on Quebec separation. In the Ontario Provincial election they called a black female candidate the, "Liberal Tar Baby in the road" as the reporter was angry that a "bland white male" was not picked as a candidate. If all else fails, many in the media will rely on that proven effective weapon... racism.

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