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June 30, 2008



I wonder what 'Ryan's Daughter' was all about.


Who called the constellation Orion?

sackcloth and ashes

'While the blacks and other minorities protest the fact that Hollywood ignores their role in American history, prominent films like "Saving Private Ryan" highlight the role of Jewish soldiers'

Four responses are relevant here:

(1) The US Army was segregated in WWII, so African-American troops would not have served alongside white soldiers.
(2) Captain Ryan's unit was ethnically mixed, as it included an Italian and Hungarian-American as well as a Jewish soldier.
(3) Hollywood has commemorated African-American servicemen ('Glory', 'The Tuskugee Airmen', 'Men of Honor' etc).
(4) Given the way the Iranian state treats Baluchis, Ahvaz Arabs and Kurds, who the FUCK do the Persians think they are in preaching about racisim?

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