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June 17, 2008



You blew it with Hitchens, the great sixth form Balloon Debater.


Who is this "God" chappy in whom you don't believe?


I have to say, I don't get Hitchens. He's a loud-mouth and he argues like someone who just likes the sound of his own words. Did you think that Hanukkah was just young kids having fun? Guess again:



Great; now I need to join a club to NOT believe in something. Not happening. They'll have me out doing car wash fund raisers on Sunday morning. ;)


I could have given most of those answers, though might have been tricked by the leading questions. I would prefer Dennett over Hitchens, as he is more thoughtful and his arguments more intellectually persuasive, though Hitchens is a better advocate. As for Ahmedinejad, he could be a good example of someone who *pretends* to believe. As Dennett explains, there are a large number of such people, including probably several US presidents, and many good reasons for pretending. If you are a father, Mick, you will probably have done it yourself, when explaining where Grandma went when she died.

Mick H

I very much doubt that Ahmedinejad's pretending to believe. I wish he was. He goes way past the kind of polite nodding in the direction of religion that you're talking about. The man's a fanatic.

And yes, I have children, but I've never gone in for the "grandma's gone to heaven now" kind of talk.

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