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May 05, 2008



What a fucking dump.

I wouldn't shit on it in case I cleaned the place up.


More 'ditch' than 'shore'...
In a more serious vein, what specifically led to this particular area's decline?

Mick H

It's not so much in decline as in transition. There's a lot of building work going on, some of it to do with upgrading London's transport, and some of it because it's on the eastern edge of the City, and is getting upgraded as a result. So really these are some of the last remnants - soon to be swept away - of the old East End.

I don't mean to imply the whole area's a dump: it's an interesting part of London. I find these graffiti-strewn old shop-fronts quite compelling.


Not unlike most large cities, I imagine.
Vancouver, B.C....typical downtown alley: http://www.urbanphoto.net/24van/photo01.htm
I viewed his series on Vancouver and although I've lived there all my life I felt strangely alienated by them. It DOESN'T rain ALL the time for starters...

Ms Baroque

Well I looked at these and felt sad - and angry - but also welled up with something... I love the East End and those little shopfronts. You can't live in a city "but only if everything's nice". And what's "nice"? I'm worried they'll wreck Shoreditch with their new developments and all that faceless granite facade. And Spitalfields.

I found these pictures alarming - but not unbeautiful. These shopfronts didn;t get this way because "somebody did something to them" - it's an economical and then a social process, which illustrates a part of the life of the city. And I wouldn't shit on it because, well, you just don't do that kind of thing.

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