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May 22, 2008



Jacques Martin claims that airdrops are now "dismissed by aid organisations as counter-productive and even dangerous to the local population." To support this, he points to an article that says: "Oxfam and other agencies have well-trained disaster specialists ready and waiting to go. The Burmese authorities must allow them in to do their job. However until that happens, calls for air drops must be resisted."

So airdrops are not "counter-productive". They are very productive, but all the dominoes aren't in place yet, and there is nothing in the link that says they are "dangerous to the local population." What axe is he grinding?


Martin Jacques, of course. Got my cut-and-paste out of order.


"What axe is he grinding?"

Martin Jacques used to be editor of "Marxism Today". Unfortunately, Western civilisation resolutely failed to follow the historical direction "MT" advocated and the magazine folded. Jacques decided the West must be punished for this betrayal and turned to the mystical East as the chosen instrument of his righteous vengeance. Now he never misses a chance to tell us "China will bury you" and generally big up "East Asia", which is much, much better than decadent America and Europe. The deaths of ten thousands of Burmese - I mean, Myanmarese - is a small price to pay for the glow of smug satisfaction on Jacques' face knowing he has been vindicated at last.

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