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May 29, 2008



I've been reading about Pinker's essay in all the blogs lately, and every one has that "licking ice cream" quote. You're the first to point out that it is from a different work altogether, which I never knew. Good job!

The quote begins with "Worst of all from this point of view", and I thought (I guess most people think) the "point of view" refers to human dignity and bioethics, which really makes the quote stupid. I've searched the book in Amazon, and he's talking about things like staring vacantly at a dinner table and so on.

But even with that, you're right, and so is Pinker.



Mick H

Chris Barber?? I sometimes wonder, dearieme, if you're quite the hipster you claim to be.


Hipster? Hee, hee, hee.

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