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April 12, 2008



It's very well written. I enjoyed some of the barbs:

"..how little most of their giddy and morally vacuous talking points have to do with genuine intellectual engagement; how encounters that create clarity have been supplanted by outbursts that create only noise; and how reckless it is to put ideas into play simply because of pique or party interest, and regardless of consequence."

"..the usual narcissism of small differences;"

"...the intellectual class that reacted to the threat of their lifetime by blinking: how, as part of their failure of nerve, they derided the indiscreet candor of those who raised warning flags; and how the peace they thought they had secured in their own time turned out to be anything but."


"For all their differences, the participants in this debate believe that the world is intelligible, that wrong choices bring catastrophe, and that the West may be in peril"

I imagine we could all agree upon points one and two, but what about point three ? Is that your belief, Mick ?

Mick H

I can't honestly see militant Islam triumphing, and I don't buy all this Eurabia stuff, so I'd say that "in peril" is a touch dramatic. When it comes down to it the belief in progress is just too deeply ingrained in me. But that's not to deny that the problems, especially with Islam, are far more intractible than a lot of people believe. And I think we could be in for some nasty times ahead.

But, you know, although it'd be foolish to deny the possibility of some kind of "end of Western civilisation" type scenario, frankly, since you ask, no, I don't think it's going to happen.

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