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April 26, 2008



"..there's something particularly pleasurable about going to MacDonald's in France."



Golly. Better hand back my degree then, if that's what Giles Coren says.


"where you get a decent cheap quick lunch without being ripped off in some tourist hell-hole having waited an hour to be served"

..I know underneath the xenophobia there's some humour trying to come out, but is that really an accurate description of Parisian restaurants? It's certainly not my experience of them. I think one can say bad and good things about McDonalds and restaurants in Paris.


Recently he wrote a rather moving column about his father. It was the first thing of his I've ever finished; he is a twerp. Mind you, I've eaten in Macdonalds twice and there will never be a third time. Lately I've discovered the joy of the Marks and Spencer 99p pork pie as a breakfast. Not as good as the warm pork pies I used to have for Saturday breakfasts in North Yorkshire 30 years ago, but not bad at all.

Tim Newman

I am either a 1-hour international flight or a 9-hour domestic flight from my nearest McDonalds (and KFC, and Burger King, ect.). I was never a huge fan of them, but they serve a purpose, and damn do I miss not having one nearby.


Ah, good. Newman is still with us.


I can't believe that you can't understand that Giles Coren is a satirist. He doesn't MEAN it when he's unkind about fat people or poor people or whatever - he's trying to get people to think by saying what no-one else will. Christ. Open your eyes.

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