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March 13, 2008



It's a bit odd to say that 'Iranians view annihilation positively' as if this was true of the vast majority of Iranians. Presumably it is only in fact true of section of those who have power and hopefully not too big a section.

Richard Dell

I feel this guy suffers from some of the residual delusions about Islam that Ed Husain does. There are also some logical inconsistencies in his position. For example, it is possible for some Muslims to be moderate while Islam is not, indeed that is precisely how Ibn Warraq describes the situation. "Islamism" is an invention of Western apologists attempting to avoid conflict with 1.5 billion people by exhoneration Islam from its responsibility for some 250 million deaths. Moderate Islam is no Islam.

It is also true that Islam's attempts to conquer Europe were thwarted by superior military force, first at Tours in 732, and second at Vienna in 1683. Their desire to conquer Europe, and Rome in particular, has never diminished.

This link gives 8 direct parallels between the Koran and Mein Kampf:

Here Matthias Kunzel analyses how Nazism easily infused the Muslim Brotherhood with virulent anti-semitism.

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