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March 29, 2008


Fabian from Israel

Still, that something could be gold? Then it would really be something!

Richard Dell

The LHC could indeed produce mini black holes. But these people do not seem to realise that black holes evaporate by emitting Hawking radiation, and the smaller they are, the faster they vanish. The sort of black holes that may be produced in the LHC would have a lifetime so short that their existence could only be inferred from their radiation signature.

Strange matter has been created in accelerators since the 1960s. It is unstable, though strange stars have been theorised where the extreme gravity may suppress or slow their decay.

The LHC is actually only 7 times more powerful than the next most powerful accelerator, so I think these febrile spiritual descendents of Dr Dionysius Lardner that are coming out of the woodwork are getting a little ahead of themselves.


"as required under the National Environmental Policy Act" which naturally applies in Geneva?


8 billion spondulicks, plus all the salaries - these scientists sure know how to ride a gravy train, that's for sure.

Visit the Relativistic High Ion Collider (RHIC) website and discover what all this money will likely bring for the LHC. 8 years on, still no sighting of the quark-gluon plasma. If it's so valuable, why haven't they raised private sector funding?

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