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February 18, 2008


Tom Freeman

Where in the Koran does it indicate that this fine fellow knows his arse from his elbow?

David Mitchelson

Didn't we have the same arguments with Galileo and Copernicus about 500 years ago? The catholic church said that it was heresy and forced him to recant his theory that the earth went round the sun, but he didn't have the advantages of modern science to help prove his theories.
The fact is that Fadhel Al-Sa’d, Iraqi "researcher" on astronomy,(even the Iranians must think he is a bit sa'd)who's whole "research" appears to be reading the koran, is helping to show that the idea that these religious books were written by anyone who had any kind of insight into the workings of the universe are a load of rubbish, along with the creationists and various other crack-pot ideas that surface from time to time!
Keep talking Fadhel Al-Sa'd, slowly we will get a bit of common sense growing in the religious world and these loony book will be consigned to the waste paper bin where they belong.


OOOPS! Don't panic folks, a slight mistake in my last posting, Galileo indeed said the earth goes round the sun, and not vice versa. Did you notice how careful the scientists trying to argue with Fadhel Al-Sa’d were? They were on dangerous ground because they were contradicting the Koran so they couldn't come right out and say what a load of tosh it was. I'd have liked to have heard his reply to, "Well if the earth is flat, where is the edge?"

Ali SAid

My only question is "does Fadhel Al Sa'd understand Kooran correctly?". I think he need to learn better about the Koran.


The Catholic Church opposed Galileo because what he claimed was the truth; I don't believe they even claimed it was otherwise. Btw, Copernicus had long since formulated this astronomical truth.

Murat Genc

saying "this or that book says this and that" simply doesn't make any sense unless one can show evidence. this guy doesn't show anything from Kur'an, and obviously doesn't know much about it.
also; Fadhel Al-Sa'd is a researcher, who says so? check MemriTv.org. You will see lots of news disrespectful news about Islam. I don't think he is a researcher at all. Ok. If he was a researcher, I guess he is doing that at home.... whatever...
if you believe everything you hear or watch, without even searching on the net, you can make a perfect "researcher" yourself. :)

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