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January 31, 2008



Why did you call this "In the section Labelled Shirts"?

There is a type of humor that only the British can do. I'd put Monty Python there. I guess I'd have to see more of the Bonzos to understand what's going on.

Mick H

It's from "Canyons of Your Mind".... "in the wardrobe of your soul....in the section labelled shirts". It was always my favourite line from that song.


Grange Hill isn't from that era. Punk rock was well established when the first episode ran. I would argue that the progression Grange Hill ->> Brookside ->> Eastenders is fairly easily drawn. All of them are "issue" laden; written by our betters to get get "working class" ideas into the "mainstream". That suggests that children's drama too is a testing group for new ideas that will eventually enter the adult market.

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