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December 17, 2007


P. Froward

I saw a white supremacist site once where they had a full page of quotations from the founding fathers warning against the Jews.

What they did, was they took what may well have been actual things these guys said, warning against one thing or another (but never mentioning the Jews), and they just inserted "[the Jews]" here and there -- to help us understand the true meaning of what Washington, Jefferson, et al were *really* trying to say: "Foreign entanglements [the Jews]", etc.

Wish I could remember where I found that, but it was ten years ago.


The state department has a good write up about this hoax: http://usinfo.state.gov/xarchives/display.html?p=pubs-english&y=2007&m=November&x=20071116144849atlahtnevel0.359524

Bin Laden (naturally) refered to it in one of his rants.

The cleric actually cleaned it up a little. "Since 1700 they have been lamenting their fate." The usual quote has "For 1700 years they have been lamenting their fate."


What ACTUALLY happened:


Do Muslim clerics ever lace their religious homilies with genuine humour? Somehow I cannot see humour co-existing with this kind of grim and determined hatred. Seems like they are intent on keeping their flock in a state of perpetual and simmering anger.

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