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December 27, 2007



The crude bile of that opening line reminded me of this quote I read on the Internet:

"I went late this afternoon also and again was reminded that I am for shooting mothers and their children who ride around in those huge carriages. Jesus. Children should not be allowed in stores, parents should leave them strapped in their big SUVs where they can't get in my way."

I have to wonder what kind of people would make these kinds of statements in the narcissistic belief that they are being "cute" or sauvely sarcastic or whatever. I call them the galactically stupid.


I guess Parris has never been to America. We don't use bells at all here. We just shout out "On your left!". I really don't think anyone is really bothered by it though.

Do drivers "moon" bikers elsewhere? I go biking in Nova Scotia often enough and I never had it happen, although Canadians are unusually polite. In Jersey, it happens maybe once a week. Usually a woman with a big fat ass that gets all smooshed up when she squeezes it out the window.


Yet the likeliest way that I'll die while cycling is that some reckless, stupid fellow-cyclist will force me under the wheels of a motor vehicle. That, at least, is how I feel among the dim-witted incompetents in these parts.


Spot on Mick! And I thought Parris couldn't sink any lower in my estimation.


The biggest irritation of cyclists is that they do not ride in the gutter, which means that the car driver cannot overtake easily. I do this myself for safety reasons.


Don't be daft, TDK, cyclists don't ride in the gutter because it is full of broken glass, fallen branches, potholes and other crap that could cause us to be catapulted over the handlebars. It also encourages cars to overtake when it is dangerous, and we have to pull out in order to turn sharp corners, we are not TT racers, able to bend right over with our knees an inch from the tarmac!

We can't win, here in Oz the hysterical pedestrians squeal continuously that we don't use our bells (we do, they just don't listen) and when you do use them someone else squeals at how threatening we are.

Anyway, I've just won a bike, to go with my other three, so yah boo sucks to anyone who doesn't like it. My other bike has a big engine and a bull bar, all the better to menace the jaywalkers with ;0)


There was a letter of complaint in the Times a day or two back from the mother of a young cyclist who HAD almost been decapitated by someone wiring a path.

(that particular style of murderous vandalism was probably more popular 40 years back, when quite a few war movies featured despatch riders being despatched by the wire across path method)

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