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December 01, 2007


Steve M

The fact that such a vast majority of British Muslims are embarrassed by this nonsense leads me to suspect that most Sudanese feel the same way. This is a smokescreen laid down by the Sudanese government to deflect attention from their resistance to UN and International efforts to stop the rapes and massacres in Darfur. Why pick on Britain? Because they know they can achieve maximum exposure with minimum risk.


What could they try next? Maybe that's it's offensive for an infidel to have a name beginning with 'M'. Better watch out.

Mick H

I don't really buy this idea that it's all a deliberate ploy by the Sudanese government. I think it's more an effect of the deliberate hardline anti-Western Muslims-as-victims rhetoric which is so prevalent. That's something the government has a great deal of responsibility for - the general atmosphere, rather than a particular case like this.

Fabian from Israel

Indeed, PARENTS complained about the teddy bear naming. There are such idiots in the world, not everything has a rational explanatoin.
And exactly what Mick wrote in his posts. Why is there nobody to say "FFS it is a teddy bear! you are idiots!"
(probably because the reporter wants to get out of there alive).
I can't wait for the clash of civilizations to really begin. This has to end now.


"There's a possibility, I suppose, that a significant portion of the Islamic world will begin to wonder if they really want their religion to become a laughing stock, and might start some kind of reassessment."
I wouldn't count on it. These'd be the same folks that turn out by the thousands, to riot over cartoons and books they've never seen or read, and couldn't if they wanted to through self imposed illiteracy.
Those living in Western cultures aren't total idiots, they recognize the absurdity by contrast with their daily lives.


"we should nevertheless respect their feelings"

I am surprised to see even you falling for this fallacy, Mick, though the rest of your post is spot on and dilutes the point considerably - but it was NEVER true as an axiom. Should I respect the feelings of the crocodile that was trying to eat me? Or would I try to kick it in the nuts? I, among the vast majority of Britons, was deeply offended by the anti-Cartoons march in London - among many other things. As far as they are concerned, so what?

While it was thought that there was only a tiny minority of Muslims who wanted to enslave us, a certain disdain for them could be excused, just as you could respect the feelings of a child who has broken his favourite toy. Big mistake, as Londonistan, Theo van Gogh, the Bainlieus and the cartoons march have shown us. The child is now a brat, growing into a thug. In addition, now that we know that it is a large minority in our own country, and a majority in many Muslim countries, such a benign posture can NOT be excused.

We have to tell them that the Laws of this land are made by us, not Imams; that Mohammed was not a paragon of virtue; that the Jews have a right to a country and are not descended from apes and monkeys; that toleration of misogyny, homophobia, anti-Semitism, dhimmitude and the murder of apostates and blasphemers is not acceptable; that Muslims did not invent algebra, the astrolabe, Arabic numerals, the number zero; nor did Muslims translate the works of Aristotle (they got others to do it). If that upsets their feelings, then it is high time they got used to it.

The political tricks that such people are prepared to play are so far beyond our credibility that they take our breath away, which is what they are meant to do. So we must accept that they do have an effect on us - but only when we are trying to be reasonable. Arafat, for example, stated point blank at the Camp David summit, that the second Temple in Jerusalem never existed. At that point, Clinton and Barak should have just walked out and told Arafat to get knotted. But despite the outrageousness of this ridiculous lie, so much had we invested in the peace process, and so desperately did we want it to succeed, that we just let it pass. The Arab lie factory had just scored another hit. This affair in Khartoum is just such a ploy, and the only way to stop further humiliation is to just plain get rude, and start playing hardball.

Mick H

"we should nevertheless respect their feelings" - I was just presenting the argument as it was stated at the time. It's not a position I ever held myself.


how many teddy bears have been named jesus?


All the Latino ones, 'tyciano'. ;)


Oh hang on; That'd be the male ones! the females are Maria...

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