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December 31, 2007



"A couple on the verge of divorce began using the water. The wife used to complain all the time. After a month and a half, she stopped entirely. Things that she used to make a fuss over seemed simple all of the sudden."

This is such a marvellous discovery. Why spend all that money of John Gray's self-help books, trying to match Mars with Venus, when we could just take a few drops from a bottle of Koranic water in our morning coffee and live happily ever after? Do you imagine the business potential in this water?


"The wife used to complain all the time." Have you noticed how frequently this theme arises? I wonder if Arab women just happen to be real real harpies.


I get the same domestic bliss results with Czech Pilsner. ;)


Happy new year, Mick!

Fabian from Israel

Happy new year to everybody. The transcription is absolutely a-ma-zing!

Mick H

Thanks Noga and Fabian, and a happy new year to all!

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