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December 28, 2007



Most idealists are unhinged. They are also lazy, searching for a panacea for all human ills - other than hard work and technology, that is. That no one has yet found cures for human ills that do not involve hard work and technology never seems to deter such people. There is always a new Marx just around the corner for such people. It usually has a new name with an -ism on the end, but is just a rehashed form of social engineering that involves: them taking your money and spending it less wisely than you do; dealing with those square pegs that do not fit their neat round holes in somewhat less than charitable (and often brutal) ways; and blaming the rest of us when it all goes pear-shaped. And of course the absolute last thing they want to hear is "we already tried that".


But what's to be done about the anti-Science scientists?
Global Warmmongers, for example.


Levitt isn't particular impressive with his dismissal of Fuller, particularly in the Amazon review. It comes across to me as heavy on ad-hominems and light on actual criticism. The Skeptic article is much better. Christopher Grant's comment "There would have been more room in your review for detailed critique of this book if you'd kept your rhetorical flourishes in check and your remarks on topic." sums up my impression.

I have a particular problem with the argument that the "Intelligent Design movement, as spearheaded by such as P.E. Johnson and W. Dembski, is unambiguously committed to transforming the USA into a theocratic society dominated by fundamentalist Christianity". I'm not disagreeing with the notion that these two men would like such a society, but with the fact that by deploying such an argument Levitt comes across as one of those on the left who have been anticipating the imminent totalitarian takeover of America for the last 50 years. http://volokh.com/posts/1139878045.shtml If Fuller is wrong, and I think he is, then it because he gets the science wrong, not because he lends support to unsavoury characters.


"Worth reading in full."
It's now in the 'job jar'.

(I'm in awe of your time management skills, M.H.!) :)

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