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November 28, 2007



No mention of Jerusalem is complete without reference to the KLF's 1991 rave anthem "It's Grim Up North". The Guardian amusingly describes it as:

"A deadpan catalogue of northern towns, recited over rainy-motorway techno, suddenly blossoms into a rendition of Blake's Jerusalem, as if arriving at some socialist rave utopia."



Three points; 1. The Satanic Mills are - and I'm sorry I can't recall the reference - sometimes said to be the Mills that ground in the mind of Isaac Newton.
2. Blake's Poetry simple? OK, some is/appears to be - but have you tried some of the longer stuff like The Four Valas?
3. Blake's Swedenborgian mythology. Well, it is perhaps now more accurate to call it Blake's Moravian/Swedenborgian mythology. I say now because I have been reading Marsha Keith Schuchard's recent "Why Mrs Blake Cried; William Blake and the Erotic Imagination" (available widely in pbk.) When you've read this superb, but deeply weird, book you will see why Blake's poetry may only appear to be simple. (The weirdness is not Ms Schuchard's, but derives from the material she considers so well and in such detail.)

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