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November 25, 2007



Agree. As others have observed elsewhere, if the moderates are not prepared to stand up to the extremists, then they are irrelevant in this struggle. This means that WE must tackle the "hook-handed, effigy-burning few". This does not mean that we are against the moderates, though for other reasons we are rightly suspicious of them:

1 In the way that Christians are referred to as "fundamentalist", viz. those who believe in the literal truth of the Bible, ALL Muslims are fundamentalists and believe in the literal truth of the Koran (with all its politics, hate and intolerance), or they are apostate.

2 The "moderates" want the same thing as the extremists, the Islamic State. They just don't have the time or inclination to use coercion or violence.

3 When the media interview a moderate Imam, while they don't agree with the extreme theology of far too many of their co-believers and appear to be "nice chaps", they seem remarkably sanguine about such people and the damage they do to us all. I would expect a true moderate to be very angry about the abyss into which the extremists were taking my culture - as Luther (and others) was with the corrupt Church of his time. Without such anger, there will be no Muslim reformation.

The entire debate is available to view (in 12 chunks) here:

Inayat gets quite heated in places, but having observed him over the years you come to see him as a cynical and consummate actor, with synthetic anger and crocodile tears. Alas, far too many Muslims are such, concealing as they must their real agenda.


"...hook-handed, effigy-burning few". 9/11, 7/7, Bali, Madrid ... those were all effigies being burned, you see.


I read "giving attention to moderates engaged in that vital internal debate" as a plea for solidarity with moderates who do raise their heads and who ARE engaged in this debate, not as some sort of call for media balance.

If Islam is condemned as a monolith and those voices (including people like Irshad Manji. Ed Husain) are not given attention, then the road we are on is very bleak.

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