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November 15, 2007



I suspect he's wrong though. I suspect that if the settlers in Israel had been Christian, or even Catholic, and had succeeded as well as Israel has, The Left would hate them too, and for much the same reason. It hates success. In particular, it loves to take sides against success in any contest where it can persuade itself that one side is basically White - and therefore must be held to high standards - and the other Black - and therefore excused any misbehaviour. Of course, its attitude is deep-dyed in racism, and its connection to biological reality in the Middle East is non-existent, but, hell, it's The Left.


Dearieme; "if the settlers in Israel had been Christian, or even Catholic..."
Left, Right, and ignored:


I am afraid I have a bit of a problem with that last sentence:"...but you won’t get away with it again whatever guise you don."

Unfortunately they seem to be able to get away with it quite nicely so far.

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