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November 15, 2007



200 lashes?!! That's likely a death sentence.
From the judge's (I won't dignify him by capitalizing his title) remark, he actually recognizes the danger of publicity...so give it to him, in spades.


Just what I thought, it's a death sentence. It's a strange kind of justice system. It is as though it warns people not pursue these cases, for the pursuer of justice will be punished more severely than the actual offenders. What a nightmarish concept!


One is reminded of old jokes about Apartheid South Africa, where the SA police would blame the victim of an assault if he happened to be black. Such as:

Van der Moeve is driving too fast round a bend, and mows down two black pedestrians crossing the road. One is tossed over the car and lands in the road, the other goes through the windscreen, landing on the back seat. Van has to stop, as he cannot see through his windscreen. The SA police are quick on the scene. "I think you may have been exceeding the speed limit, sir. Try not to do it again.", he smiles at Van. The smile vanishes as the policeman addresses the blacks: "Right, you (lying in the road) are causing an obstruction, and I'll have you (on the back seat) for breaking and entering".

Most cultures have a fall guy for their jokes - in old SA it was Van der Moeve. I wonder if they have one in Saudi - perhaps Filipinos. In fact I wonder if they have jokes.

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