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November 29, 2007



"there is no single, unchanging Islam"

But the extremists (who in the opinion of Martin Amis have won the war for Islam's soul) want just this - a single unchanging Islam. You cannot accept that the Koran is the word of God (as all Muslims do) while rejecting the nasty parts of it.

So where is this freedom of speech in Islamia? Not a single Muslim state allows you to criticise Islam, Mohammed or the Koran. Even where the Law is comparatively benign, gangs of young men are ready to lynch offenders. The most enlightened Muslim country is probably Malaysia, but that may have to do with its large non-Muslim populations. But if you are born a Muslim, that's is.

Robert Spencer takes Ed Husain's Guardian article apart here:


What bothers me about this notion -- that Islam supports freedom of speech -- is not just that it is patently false, but that it shouldn't really matter. A proper response is, "And what if Islam did NOT support freedom of speech?"

Implicitly, this letter-writer is saying, "I will support those parts of a liberal society that I can squeeze out of the Koran, but not the others." There is nothing "liberal" about that.

Doug Purdie

"...there is only what I hear Muslims say, and see them do". What Muslims say and do in the name of Islam has varied enormously through history, and varies enormously today."

The above quote illustrates what defines a religion. It's not what the Holy book says so much as how its believers interpret their Holy book. Christianity used to have an angry, vengeful God, but it's followers now worship a loving, merciful one. Yes, religions with a single name change over time. Based on what I hear and see Muslim say and do right now, Islam is definitely not compatible with freedom and democracy, but don't rule out the possibility that one day it may become so.

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