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September 01, 2007


Perry de Havilland

I wonder of "Gaia" sent the tsunami to that part of the world as nature's way of saying "shut the fuck up" to intolerant Islam? Just wonderin' :-)

Richard Dell

A Saudi imam said the tsunami was God's justice for promiscuity and immorality. Saudi had to be shamed into contributing to the relief fund, though I am sure they made sure that none of their bulging coffers were spent on kaffirs. Contrast this attitude with that of the Portugese after the Lisbon earthquake in 1755. Asked what he should do, the King was told: "Bury the dead and feed the living", i.e. life goes on, and it is up to us to sort things out.

There cannot be a happy ending to all this intolerance. Malaysia is making threatening noises about applying Sharia to its whole population. There is no sign of those opressed by Islam forming any sort of resistance. We can hope that the main player, Saudi Arabia, will show its hand in time for the West to see it as the monster it is, and to react decisively. But I don't see even the Neocons looking that far ahead - they are all focused on Iraq, which I expect we will be forced to let go.

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