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September 17, 2007



Interesting to see that a UCD prof seems incapable of expressing herself in anything other than cliches. But I'm UCLA man myself.


I'm waiting to see when the University of California reflects its California constituency and starts appointing Republicans, bikers, pro war supporters, military folk, the insane (no wait, that constituency is over filled) Christian fundamentalists in proportion to their share of the general California population. Certainly beats this old Western imperialist patriachal oppressive notion of a university as a place of academic learning.


"We are offended"!

These women embarrass me. So fragile are their ego and self-esteem that they are easily shattered by the merest allegation of some a-symmetry of talents and inclinations between the male and the female of species. This hysteria, if anything, only reinforces the old stereotypes about women's overriding helplessness and emotionality.

They have concocted a veritable gothic tale of terror, with its stock characters of the tyrant (poor Summers) and the helpless persecuted maidens.


"...reinforces the old stereotypes about women's overriding helplessness and emotionality."

Nancy Hopkins, a professor at MIT, had to leave when Summers was speaking because she felt faint from what she heard. Can you believe that? From a Professor. Like Aunt Pittypat.


The only consolation is that Summers is said to be a real shit.

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