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September 20, 2007



"As a good Catholic girl ..."

Was she catholic? I don't think Freud's wife was.

Mick H

Good point. Where did that come from? I think I'll quietly go in and change it to "As a good well-educated girl..." and hope no one notices.

A Freudian slip.


So lets get this clear; at "Unspeakable evil" below ridiculous comparisions etc are shredded. But here, on the basis of a couple of second hand accounts we are told that you cannot imagine a more thoroughgoing example of child abuse than the way Sigmund Freud brought his daughter up? Don't you read the papers?

John J. Coupal

It appears that Freud's politically incorrect analysis of human thought and human behavior elicits emotional "hatchet jobs" on psychoanalysis from many otherwise smart people.

Mick H

Well that's me told.

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