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August 06, 2007



In what moral sense do these scientists different from Mengele?


I'm sorry. "different" should have read "differ".


I think it's interesting that in Western countries we are so concerned about white racism that we hunt it down at the synaptic level with EEGs. I wonder if anyone is doing a study like this on the Jinjaweed -- just to destroy any last vestige of hidden, subconscious, institutionalized racism.


Keep in mind, the lab coat types tilted the results by pre-screening the subjects. ie. they eliminated the candidates who likely WOULDN'T have felt any "guilt". What a crock...

glad thereafter

Tolkein, you the point I was going to - how come these surveys of racism are always looking at the psychopathology of Whites? And why no survey of anti-gentilism? Are non-Whites and Jews assumed to be better people?

glad thereafter

Here's a gloriously racist-anti-racist...


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James Hamilton

This is very interesting, thanks for drawing attention to it. I've wondered for a few years now whether the prominence of fear in psychological experiments was because it's relatively simple to generate in subjects. When I was practicing therapy, I felt, subjectively, that some variants of shame and guilt were hugely important in the way people experienced life. But how do you put that to proper, repeatable, double-blind-type testing?

So, whilst I agree with your sentiments about sending people out without having told them they'd been duped,it's still an interesting development.

(Hope I've expressed that OK - not feeling very well today so not thinking clearly, and furthermore Australia are playing down the road, or at least were, as they won with plenty to spare)

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