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July 29, 2007



When was the last genocide, or attempted genocide, on this island? Perhaps the attempt of Montrose's wild Irish troops to murder every Campbell, and Campbell tenant, in Argyll? My point is that if I wanted intelligent advice on how to answer this question, one of the last bodies on earth that I'd turn to would be the Congress of the USA.


I find it distasteful that some Jewish activists would be allied with such as a cause. I don't think that the truth of historical realities ought to be decided by a group of American representatives who are only seeking to make political hay out of anything. And I don't think Jewish people who recognize themselves as such (that is, are not ignorant of history), ought to be involved in any way in this dirty type of politics.

This article on FrontPage magazine describes Jewish experience in Ottoman Palestine and the complicity of the Ottoman Empire in massacres and expulsions that are reminiscent of what happened to the Armenians, and in about the same time slot:



"The issue belongs to historians and not a resolution in Congress, ..."

Well, that's a good way of putting it, and I have to agree with dearieme. Do legislative bodies in other countries do things like this?

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