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July 08, 2007



What a bloody brilliant post. Cheers.


I agree with Brownie on Cherie Blair but can't resist commenting off topic on the naming of British places aswell.

Northumberland is so-called because the Saxons who settled there after the Romans pulled out after the 5th Century wanted to distinguish it from the other Saxon kingdoms further South - it's Southern border was the river Humber - thus 'North of the Humber land' Wessex was the kingdom of those Saxons who settled in the West, Essex in the East, Sussex in the South. Presumably Middlesex has the same derivation, though No Sex was for some reason a name that did not catch on.

Sutherland has a different derivation: it was named as the Southernlands of the Viking territories of Northern Scotland - based in slightly further North Orkney - despite being at the very Northern tip of the British mainland. After the Kingdom of Scotland obtained Shetland and Orkney from Norway at the end of the 15th Century the name was allowed to remain despite not making much sense anymore...


Thanks Marcus; makes waaaay more sense now! Obviously the 'sex' suffix, not to be confused with Suffolk, is a product of Limeyspeak and should actually be spelled 'sax' for Saxon.
Now, about Worchestershire...:)

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