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July 08, 2007



We have friends who hated her so much they referred to her youngest as "the devil baby," when Sherrie was pregnant - as if it was Rosemary's Baby.


"The partners of politicians are ..endlessly answerable to the rhetorical spleen of commentators and comedians. Mostly, they are simply scorned, like Mary Wilson with her poetry and Norma Major with her petit-bourgeois sensibilities." What utter cock. I can remember back to Lady Dorothy Macmillan, and I reckon that until Cherie, they were mostly simply ignored. Mary Wilson and D Thatcher were gently guyed a little, but that was it. The only time I ever heard anyone discuss Norma Major it was because they happened to have met her. Ignoring the spouse is right. The problem with Cherie is that her husband wanted to exploit her, to insist that we shouldn't ignore her, but simultaneously say "hands off". He and his gang weren't clever enough to pull off that difficult trick. It then transpired that she, like him, lacked any sense of propriety. Of course, people had begun to ask why a dyed-in-the-wool Socialist thought the local Comprehensive wasn't good enough for her brats - a legit question, I'd have thought. Some people were also suspicious of Human Rights laws that might almost have been designed to enrich her and her cronies - a legit doubt, though not one that I happen to share. Add to that the folly of her lies about her little property speculation in Bristol and I have considerable sympathy for the people who scorn her. "Devout Catholic" + "Mayan birthing rites" - what a hoot.


It was her remark about Palestinians having to turn their children into suicide bombers that violated protocol and showed her up for what she is:someone who wants to exert political influence without responsibility.


All this resentment is like a mirror image of Hillary Clinton's lot as far as she is generally perceived, including the choice not to be bake cookies (to be clever), the indifference to what is considered fashionable chic, and the slip about the Palestinians. They both have suave, brilliant and eloquent husbands who are also charming and amiable. It's as though, on their own, they might have been admired as the hard working, principled persons they are. But as their husbands' chosen mates, they somehow disappoint. These journalists sometimes seem to miss a basic principle of decency: that you don't have to admire someone in order to be fair to them. One wonders, what's their problem, really?


"what heels to wear and how much décolletage to show ...".
MY style guide says 'More is better'. ;)


Just out of curiosity (being an ill informed Canuck), is there a 'Southumberland', or any other -umberland? If not, why distinguish your holiday destination with the 'North' prefix? And yes, I'm clear on the concept that someone other than M.H. named it...:)


Hmm, Flett herself was a former editor of Arena, a style magazine for men. Judgng her by the standards she judges Cherie Blair, she was no great shakes.

Mick H

No, DaninVan, no Southumberland. The top two English counties, up against the Scottish border, are Northumberland and Cumbria. Here's a map. http://www.picturesofengland.com/images/mapofengland/england-counties.gif

Cumbria used to be called Cumberland. Northumbria was one of the seven original Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, pre-England.

Eve Garrard

There is of course a Sutherland, but it's way to the north of Northumberland, being right at the top end of Scotland.


Aha! That explains the Scots taking Umbrage...;)

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