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June 10, 2007



Quoted in Martin Amis' "The Age of Horrorism":

"'Islamism is not merely the latest flavour of totalitarian nihilism. There is a difference between nihilism and a desire for supernatural reward. Islamists could smash the world to atoms and still not be guilty of nihilism, because everything in their world has been transfigured by the light of paradise...' Pathological mass movements are sustained by 'dreams of omnipotence and sadism', in Robert Jay Lifton's phrase. That is usually enough. Islamism adds a third inducement to its warriors: a heavenly immortality that begins even before the moment of death."



I've given up assuming journalists like this one are too incompetent to do a little digging into the background of their sources, and I now take it for granted that they are simply dishonest. "Coy" is really too kind.

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