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June 25, 2007



I'd think again before aligning yourself with the Lockerbie "truthers", you only need to take a quick check at the comments on that Scotsman story and see who you are aligning with.

Paul Foot, the acclaimed investigative journalist; but never mentioned is his obvious political bias, from being a stalwart SWP supporter to planting the seeds of what is now the RESPECT coalition, not to mention his associations with Robert Maxwell.

You can add to Lockerbie and anti-MMR, the Hanratty case, which even after an exhumation and positive DNA test, Foot was still convinced he was innocent.

I've been reading his crap in the back of Private Eye for decades, it is sheer unadulterated political posturing and is better suited in the pages of Socialist Worker, it is not the investigative journalism he was praised for in the past, he is in the same school as Fisk, Pilger, et al, who, whilst fingering the government for leaving out vital information, use precisely that to embellish their own reporting, and are just as guilty for their own hidden political agendas.

Since Foot's death, the campaigning in Private Eye has been taken up by his little team of Respect'ers, and hence the usual bi-weekly diatribe of anti-PPP, anti-police, anti-Americanism, anti-Tory, etc.

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