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May 06, 2007



I'm suggesting Beach Volleyball as an alternative ...no contact (at least not during the game ;) )http://www.volleyball-pictures.com/Pictures/476.jpg

Mr Grumpy

In this instance my sympathies are more with the Muslims than with my fellow Christians. Since when is mixed football a mandatory feature of Western culture?


I'm sort of with 'Mr. Grumpy' on that point. There's something intrinsically wrong with including both genders in full contact sports like hockey, rugby, and lacrosse. I have no problem with women playing the sports, just not in the same match as guys.
It's not the sexual aspect but rather the dilution of the respect for women that I had drilled into me by my very traditional parents. It's a short road from getting checked into the boards by a female, to smacking one when she gets in your face outside the rink...
Just my opinion.

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