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May 30, 2007


Abandon ship!

"The odd thing about the conversation is that I could tell it was the first time he had even heard the alternative argument."

Clearly an avid Radio 4 listener then.


From Chomsky's "Iran Effect":

"It is, however, useful to ask how we would act if Iran had invaded and occupied Canada and Mexico and was arresting U.S. government representatives there on the grounds that they were resisting the Iranian occupation (called "liberation," of course). Imagine as well that Iran was deploying massive naval forces in the Caribbean and issuing credible threats to launch a wave of attacks against a vast range of sites -- nuclear and otherwise -- in the United States, if the U.S. government did not immediately terminate all its nuclear energy programs (and, naturally, dismantle all its nuclear weapons). Suppose that all of this happened after Iran had overthrown the government of the U.S. and installed a vicious tyrant (as the US did to Iran in 1953), then later supported a Russian invasion of the U.S. that killed millions of people (just as the U.S. supported Saddam Hussein's invasion of Iran in 1980, killing hundreds of thousands of Iranians, a figure comparable to millions of Americans). Would we watch quietly?"

And the alternative:

"Imagine if America had elected a rogue president, who wanted to convert the country to communism, starting with forced nationalisation of major industries, imagine the rogue president was dallying with religious extremists. Imagine if the Iranian secret service had invoked a coup to remove the rogue president and prevented America from becoming another failed Soviet state.

Imagine if fundemental Christians had taken over Mexico, enforcing draconian dark age laws based on Levaticus to the population, destroying the Mayan and Aztec heritage based on anti-paganism, and harboured terrorists who had launched attacks on Iran killing significant numbers of civilians. Imagine Iran invaded Mexico, removed the religious extremists, neutralised the terrorist threat installed a democratically elected government.

Imagine if Canada had a brutal tyrant who'd raised the world's forth largest army and invaded America over the Saint Lawrence River using chemical munitions and resulting in the deaths of over a million Americans and injuring tens of millions more. Imagine if Iran had invaded Canada, destroyed the army, and replaced the tyrant with a democratically elected government.

Don't you think America actually might be grateful to Iran ?

Assuming America loves personal freedoms, liberty and democracy that is."


And imagine if, in Iran, there was an over-rated, over-paid, tenured professor (of something irrelevant, like linguistics) who kept arguing against the overthrow of Canada's tyrant because he thought Iran's motives weren't pure enough.

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